About Us

About Us

Our Mission:

We provide easy to understand information on MpBC to the newly diagnosed, their families and caregivers. Our website is a public repository for information on metaplastic breast cancer. It is a space where women can find support and information to help them make informed decisions alongside their medical team. This active community of patients and advocates is an invaluable resource to the research community, who we hope to support and eventually fund.

Our Vision:

Metaplastic Breast Cancer patients educating, sharing & participating with the research community

What We Offer:

MpBC Resource Page

Meet Our Team


This site was founded by three women impacted by Metaplastic Breast Cancer. We represent the patients, caregivers and enthusiastic researchers interested in bringing more attention to this rare form of breast cancer. We call on all of you to unite our global community in the search for a cure.

Sylvia Adam-Ross

Sylvia Adam-Ross was diagnosed with Metaplastic Breast Cancer in 2012. She underwent surgery, chemo and radiation for her squamous cell tumor. Sylvia lives in Alberta, Canada and has been in remission since the end of treatment in February 2013.

Beth Manguso Brodbeck

Beth Brodbeck’s mom, Nancy fought metaplastic breast cancer for nearly two years. Women like Nancy are the front line for finding a cure. Beth wants to offer support to women like Nancy and their daughters, moms, sisters, and the men that love them.

Maria Fowler

Maria Fowler was first diagnosed with Metaplastic Breast Cancer in February 2012. She underwent both chemotherapy and radiation treatments after a lumpectomy in 2012. She was diagnosed with a new metaplastic tumor in December 2012. After a mastectomy in February 2013 she began another round of chemo in March 2013. She finished treatment in May 2013.