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Metaplastic Breast CancerThis site was founded by three women affected by Metaplastic Breast Cancer (MpBC). When each of us were diagnosed, it was nearly impossible to find information on the web about our disease. Some of the information we found was scary, some difficult to understand. However, we have learned despite the high recurrence rates and large tumors our prognosis is still good. It’s not 100% but most women survive their brush with MpBC. Everything on this site, we learned through our own research, from our MpBC sisters and through our own personal experiences. We are not medical professionals. Our goal is to gather information about MpBC into one easy-to-use website, create a community where patients, caregivers and family members can gather to discuss MpBC and, we hope, attract the attention of researchers to our group. We want to see progress made on a cure for this aggressive form of cancer. Please join us in our quest.

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Metaplastic Breast Cancer study announced at ASCO

Dr. Joyce O’Shaughnessy of Baylor University presented her study on metaplastic breast tumors. She is Co-Chair of Breast Cancer Research and Chair of Breast Cancer Prevention Research at Baylor-Sammons Cancer Center. The study was done in conjunction with Caris Life Sciences, who provided the data from their database of MpBC tumor profiles.

Dr. O’Shaughnessy wanted to compare the tumor profiles of MpBC tumors against the profiles of TNBC tumors, which were not MpBC. Of 2000 TN breast cancers (TNBC) referred to Caris Life Sciences since 2009 from 50 states and 59 countries, 126 cases were TN MpBCs based on local pathology evaluation. Specific testing was performed per physician request and included sequencing (Sanger or next generation sequencing [NGS]), protein expression (immunohistochemistry [IHC]), and/or gene amplification (CISH or FISH).

The results show that MpBC is more similar to non-TNBC that to TNBC. O’Shaughnessy also shows several potential therapeutic options for MpBC patients. To see the study results click HERE.

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<strong>Clinical Trials</strong>, National Breast Cancer Coalition
NBCC is currently partnering with BioMarin and Pfizer on three upcoming clinical trials for women with metastatic breast cancer. Intervention offers the potential of improving the length and quality of life for patients already diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.
Clinical Trials, National Breast Cancer Coalition
<strong>Video Diary</strong>, One Metaplastic Breast Cancer Patient
Are you a newly diagnosed metaplastic breast cancer patient? Are you curious about cancer treatments? Watch this video diary. It’s one woman’s story from diagnosis, to surgery, to chemotherapy and radiation.
Video Diary, One Metaplastic Breast Cancer Patient

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