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Metaplastic Breast Cancer Information and Support

This site was founded by three women affected by Metaplastic Breast Cancer (MpBC). When each of us were diagnosed, it was nearly impossible to find information on the web about our disease. Some of the information we found was scary, some difficult to understand. However, we have learned despite the high recurrence rates and large tumors our prognosis is still good. It’s not 100% but most women survive their brush with MpBC. Everything on this site, we learned through our own research, from our MpBC sisters and through our own personal experiences. We are not medical professionals. Our goal is to gather information about MpBC into one easy-to-use website, create a community where patients, caregivers and family members can gather to discuss MpBC and, we hope, attract the attention of researchers to our group. We want to see progress made on a cure for this aggressive form of cancer. Please join us in our quest.

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  • What is Metaplastic Breast Cancer?

    Metaplastic Breast Cancer is a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Often it is triple negative. There are a number of sub-types including spindle cell, squamous cell and matrix producing. The hallmark of MpBC tumors is the mixture of cell types not found in more common forms of breast cancer. Metaplastic tumors will include both epithelial (glandular) cells and mesenchymal (bone, skin and muscular) cells. Normal breast cancer will be made up only of the glandular (epithelial) cells.

  • What makes Metaplastic Breast Cancer different than other types of breast cancer?

    There are many things that make Meatplastic Breast Cancer different than other more common forms of breast cancer. MpBC is usually graded higher and presents larger at diagnosis. It is more aggressive. It is very often triple negative (but not always). Nodal metastasis is seen less often in metaplastic breast cancer but distance metastasis occurs more often. Recurrence happens at a greater rate and in a shorter time frame than traditional breast cancer.

  • What are the common treatments for Metaplastic Breast Cancer

    Because metaplastic breast cancer is triple negative patients are often offered the standard treatments for triple negative cancers. More about chemo, radiation and surgical options.

NBCC is currently partnering with BioMarin and Pfizer on three upcoming clinical trials for women with metastatic breast cancer. Intervention offers the potential of improving the length and quality of life for patients already diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

Clinical Trials, National Breast Cancer Coalition

Are you a newly diagnosed metaplastic breast cancer patient? Are you curious about cancer treatments? Watch this video diary. It’s one woman’s story from diagnosis, to surgery, to chemotherapy and radiation.

Video Diary, One Metaplastic Breast Cancer Patient